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Concealed Handgun Licensing (CHL) Classes

Tactical Response Resources CHL Training

CHL Classes • 8:30am to 7pm*

At TR2 we pride ourselves on teaching a CHL class that not only gives you all the information you’ll need to pass the State of Texas’s licensing examination but exceeds traditional expectations of what a concealed handgun class can be. In addition to teaching the legal aspects of holding a CHL license, we showcase self-defense tactics honed from 100 years of combined law enforcement and military experience. We’ll teach you practical exercises and tips that can keep you and your loved ones safe in critical moments. In our class you’ll shoot more and learn more than the state’s required curriculum. Expect to spend extra time on the range rehearsing defensive shooting drills and refining your marksmanship prior to your qualification shoot.

In the class (state-mandated 10-hours) we’ll cover:

Class will normally start at 8:30 a.m. and run until 7 p.m. Please bring to the class: your firearm, two (or more) magazines, a holster if you have one, eye protection, hearing protection and 150 rounds of ammunition.

*State mandated 10-hour course.

Cost: $140.00

"Awesome CHL class today!!! I'll recommend to everyone I know to take your class!!!"

Trisha Wyatt Tranum