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Tactical Response Resources Instructors

Dennis Morris

Dennis Morris is a former member of the United States Navy. After leaving the Navy, he went to work for the Dallas Police Department, where he was assigned to the Dallas SWAT team upon completing his patrol duties. He then became aTCLEOSE Instructor with the Department, specializing in Special Operations (Tactical).

With over 30 years of experience, he has served as a team member in numerous active operations, as well as an instructor, and has held numerous investigative and field operator positions with several government agencies. He continues to be active in law enforcement.

Mr. Morris started Tactical Response Resources, LLC, “TR2″, with the belief that the student should learn from individuals who have actually been in the field, conducting real operations— whether on the street or in combat. The most commonly heard observation by former students: “The classes at TR2 are anything but ordinary and routine”.

Bobby Neal

Bobby Neal is a 16 year veteran of Texas law enforcement with experience as a SWAT operator, corrections, patrol, and is currently a fugitive apprehension investigator. In additon to his experience as a firearms instructor Bobby is a certified AR armorer.

Carol Ramirez

Carol Ramirez is a 12 year veteran of Texas law enforcement with a back ground as a firearms instructor as well as being a certified shoothouse instructor. Carol holds the distinction of being the first female SWAT team member selected from her department.

"Thoroughly enjoyed learning from the combined team y'all presented. Amazing mix of professionalism, know-how, and fun! Ready to do it again!!"

John Williams